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Various Aspects of DWI/DUI Offenses Affecting Your Car Insurance in LA, California

Car insurance in California has some strict rules and regulations especially for DWI and DUI offenders.  There are mainly two types of DWI/DUI in the state. First is checking the blood alcohol level of the driver, while the other depends on the observation of the officer present on the scene. If an arrest is made, the offender needs a DUI attorney who can guide him about the laws and punishments of DUI crime. This can help him in acting accordingly and even apply for reduction in punishment. The law for DUI in California is planned in order to keep the impaired drivers off the road. The impaired drivers can either be drunk, intoxicated or have BAC higher than 0.8.

Driver Impairment: The officer who arrests impaired driver notices some probable causes that raise the suspicion of driver being drunk or impaired. Following are some behaviors of driving that are mostly considered as suspicious:

•             Hesitation in passing when the light is green

•             Multiple lanes driving at once

•             Interlace between different lanes

•             Driving excessively slowly

•             Speeding

After stopping the driver, the officer then observes the driver’s behavior. The following are some rash behavior:

•             Red eyes

•             Dilated pupils

•             The smell of alcohol

•             Slurred speech

•             Inconsistent behavior

If the driver believes the driver was driving while intoxicated, he can ask him to perform several tests apart from the blood alcohol content test. The tests are intended to evaluate the mental state of the offender and this helps in concluding whether the conviction was right or it was mere anticipation. Example of most commonly tests used for DUI in California is:

•             Follow the moving object while your head should be still

•             Walk on a straight line, turn, and repeat

•             Balance on 1 foot with arms on body sides

Testing Content of Blood Alcohol: The BAC level of the arrested driver must be 0.8 or higher for DUI conviction. For better estimation of someone’s BAC, a device known as the breathalyzer is used. The tool calculates the alcohol content in the blood by person’s breath.

Law of Implied Consent: California is one of many states having consent laws. If a driver is at risk of being convicted of DWI offense in California & he refuses the breathalyzer test, the driver’s license is immediately suspended. Moreover, if the offender is convicted of DWI previously and he refuses to submit breathalyzer results the next time he is convicted he can be sent to jail.

The laws are set to make consumers follow the rules set by DMV of California on the first place. Companies of car insurance in California also make policies according to these laws. The drivers of the state should surf online through the quotes of different companies to get through the best suitable package. If you want to check online, enter your ZIP in the above bar of the web page and compare the quotes from different insurance companies.