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Things You Should Know About Registering Your Car in Los Angeles DMV

It’s not enough to buy your own vehicle. One needs to think about getting your newly purchased car insured too. Once your premium and coverage are settled, you need to inform the Los Angeles DMV and get your car registered within 30 days from the date of the vehicle purchase.

Generally, it is directly and electronically reported to the California DMV once you acquire your own auto insurance in California. It can be verified by visiting the DMV’s website. There is also no need to worry if the name in your car registration papers and on the car insurance policy are the same. In the private use liability vehicle, the names on the registration and on the insurance policy need not match. As long as the details like vehicle description and licensed plate number are in the registration and insurance documents

It is important to carry your insurance information all the time wherever you may be. Without it, your vehicle’s license can be suspended with a penalty for around $14 for it to be reinstated. Good thing, it can be paid online through the DMV’s website with all the information you provided confidentially kept.

However, if you decided to switch insurance companies a notice will not be sent to you. Even if your new insurance company sends the necessary report to the DMV, no further notice will be sent to the policy holder. It is important to have the insurance papers whenever you are on travel with your car unless you want your license to be revoked.

Choose the best policy by simply entering your ZIP code and get the best quotes for car insurance in California that adheres to the directives issued by the DMV.