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The Laws and Penalties for DWI Offender Motorists in LA, California

Car insurance in California is a big process that includes the hustle of following of laws and avoiding the breaking of them. Similarly DUI/ DWI penalties depend on a list of factors. In California, it depends on whether the driver is reiterated offender, whether any child less than 14 was present in the vehicle at the time of accident and whether the driver was drunk or not. If a driver is caught driving while drunk, he can be arrested and can be kept in custody until he/she go through some medical tests. In extreme cases, involvement of Los Angeles DUI lawyer becomes necessary. Having the attorney on offenders’ side can help him in reducing the punishment.

Factors Affecting the Offenders Penalties: There exists number of mishap that could increase the DWI/ DUI penalties. Even if the driver is the first time offender, he can face serious felony charges if some or any of the factors are met.

Factors that could increase the severity of your DUI punishment include:

•             If DUI results in serious bodily injury of other person or the property damage

•             If caught in driving, while drunk with the suspended or the restricted license or if caught drinking and driving without a license

•             If a child under age limit of 14 is present in the car at time of arrest

•             If the driver is speeding at DUI time

•             If the level of alcohol in blood is 0.15 % or higher

Penalties for 1st-Time Offenders: In the State of California, drunk driving is considered misdemeanor. If a driver is caught driving while drunk, he/she could face:

•             3 to 5 years of probation

•             Fines & fees ranging $1,400 – $1,800

•             Six-month driver’s license suspension

•             Attendance at California DUI school

•             48 hours jail time

From July 2010, the offenders are asked to install the device for ignition interlock in motor vehicles. The particular device checks the blood alcohol content before the driver starts the vehicle. If the blood content level is below legal limit, only then the driver starts the car.

Penalties for 2nd-Time Offenders: A second time offense is also considered misdemeanor whereas, the penalties reach the critical point. Below is the list of penalties:

•             3 to 5 years of probation

•             Fines & fees ranging $1,800 – $2,800

•             Suspension of license for 2 years

•             DUI school

•             96 hours of obligatory jail time with numerous counties asking for 10 to 30 days

Penalties for 3rd-Time Offenders: If the third offense happens within the time period of 10 years, the offender will be convicted with the serious penalties. The penalties include:

•             3 to 5 years of court or the formal probation

•             Fines & fees ranging $1,800 – $2,500

•             Suspension of your driver’s license for almost 3 years

•             DUI school

•             Mandatory jail time minimum of 120 days (some of the Counties are asking to increase the jail time to 210 days or one year.

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