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The Ideal Car Insurance in Los Angeles for High-Risk Group

A large number of people would agree that students and matured drivers are the people who are most affected by premiums of car insurance. The premium for car insurance for both these groups are high as the majority of car insurance providers consider them the high-risk group. In fact, if a person below the age of 24 goes to apply for low cost car insurance in Los Angeles, he will have a surcharge of 25%, which is quite high.

Driving, although enjoyable, may become an experience pursuit when you age, especially above 55. Most insurance companies start seeing you as high-risk candidates in LA as they feel your reflexes will be slow when you are driving and you will not be able to handle the speeding vehicles on the highways. They feel, because of your slow reactions, there may be accidents whose liabilities the insurance company will have to take up. This type of problem is commonly referred to as the moral hazard problem of the insurance company where the riskiness of the person buying the policy becomes higher than what it should be, so cost to the company shall become more.

Some of the things that you could do in order to ensure you are steady on the road are:

•             If you wear glasses, make sure they are clean and dry. There should not be even a speck of dust or vapor on them. This would help you too see clearly.

•             Keep your rear view mirror, the side mirrors, and the taillights etc. clean at all times. This will make sure that you can see clearly in them when you are driving.

•             Avoid driving when it is getting dark. During nighttime, people with weak vision suffer more and roads are less lit. Therefore, the chances of an accident become even heightened.

•             Do not wear dark glasses or have tinted windows in your car if you drive your car after sundown. It can affect the visibility and hence driving capabilities.

•             Minimize the distractions as much as possible. Do not attend to cell phones while driving. Put the radio off when you are on the road and minimize conversations with your co-passengers when you are on the streets. That way, you can concentrate better on driving.

•             If you are driving in sunlight, make sure you are wearing sunglasses to cut off the glare. Often, the visibility is impaired due to reflections from stray sources like a shiny car etc. They can affect your eyes and hence your driving. Also, do not buy deep tinted glass for your car windows as they make driving in low light or foggy days and cloudy days difficult.

•             Adjust the driver’s seat well, so that you can see what is straight ahead of you, without being obstructed by the dashboard. In case you cannot adjust the seat, make sure you use cushions or pillows to make that adjustment.

•             Take your medications well in advance, so that you do not feel drowsy while driving. This could lead to fatal accidents while driving.

•             Do not drink and drive, as drinking would slow your reflexes even more.

•             Undertake certain courses like the 55 Alive, which would help keep your driving skills steady. This is a recognized course in most states and you can complete this in order to avail of various kinds of discounts as a matured driver. You could also sign up for an online refreshing driving course. This course is designed to brush your driver’s skill set up through a simulated driving course. It can put you in complex situations, so that you can apply your knowledge as a driver. However, this discount is valid only for 3 years. Thereafter, you will have to retake the course in order to avail of the discount again.

•             Try not to drive unless it is completely necessary. The lesser you drive on the road, lesser will you be a threat on the road.

For people below 24, especially college students, the tips are slightly different:

•             Drive a cheaper car. Cheaper cars do not require much insurance premium, as they are less liable to be stolen or vandalized. If your car is quite old, you could even leave out the collision coverage on it.

•             Undertake courses that would prove that you are a safe driver. These courses can be undertaken online as well, as long as the certificate provided is accepted by the city’s DMV.

•             Install safety features in your car like alarm systems, anti-theft locks, good quality seat belts. It would show that you are concerned about the safety of your car and the security of its passengers and would reduce your insurance premium by quite a bit.

•             If you are not dependent on someone else’s state or federal returns of tax and have been driving for 3 years continuously, then you could apply for low cost car insurance in LA. Luckily, the state of California has this kind of provision and you could use it to your benefit.

•             Maintain a good college GPA. A good college GPA, especially one that is above 3.0, shows that you are a good student. Most insurance companies feel good students make responsible drivers, which would in turn reduce your car insurance cost.

•             Do not drive unless necessary. If you lower your mileage, then you can avail of the low mileage insurance program.

These tips are there for one to use in order to get lower car insurance premium, if they come under the high-risk group of insurance. Talking to reputed insurance broker before buying or renewing car insurance in Los Angeles is a good idea.

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