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Ways on Getting Lower Premium for Your Teenagers’ Car Insurance in Los Angeles

LosAngelesCarInsuranceFor teenagers to get car insurance in Los Angeles is quite difficult especially if they are looking for a subsidized rate. Like most other places, the DMV at LA believes that teenagers are highly unstable and do not have established control of their selves. This is why they are likely to indulge in over speeding, drunk driving, or violating traffic laws, etc. Because of these risks, teenagers are likely to have high insurance premium.

Premium for your policy rises by almost 50% if you teenager child’s insurance policy is included with yours. This is hard to avoid since teenagers are still dependents. There are ways wherein you can reduce your insurance premium.

•             Buy a safe car for your teenager. It is strictly advisable to have a standard older car since its stability has been tested and its safety features. Even though most teenagers want fast, flashy and swanky cars, these older and heavier cars have well set parts that do not go out of control easily. With this, they can start to have a clean driving record.

•             Attend a driver’s education class. If your child took a course in safe driving, the production of its certificate can lower the premium charges.

•             Have a safe drivers’ record. It is essential to make your new teenage drivers understand that safe driving is important to have a clean record. This would be helpful to obtain a lowered insurance premium. If the company sees that the drover has maintained a steady record for the past year, the premium required may be lowered in the following year. It is also advised to have a separate LA car insurance policy once they turn 25. With a clean record, it is possible to obtain the policy by the age of 23.

•             If your child is an A-grader in school or college, with a grade point average of 3.0 and above, student’s discount for car insurance in Los Angeles are offered. To avail of this discount, the student driver must be a full time scholar and below 21 years of age.

•             Including your teenagers’ vehicle insurance in LA in your own policy. This will lead to a good discount due to your finance company’s loyalty program participation. The premiums are discounted for the ownership of multiple cars. However, it is only applicable if the teenager resides at home or is temporarily away for school.

These cited tips will definitely help you get a lowered premium for you teenager’s car. Comparing auto insurance quotes is also a good method to get the best one. Just enter your postal code at the space provided to obtain the best vehicle insurance in LA for your teenage driver.