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Auto Insurance in California Laws for New Residents

IndianapolisAutoInsuranceAuto insurance in California has made some new laws for the drivers moving in the State. With the New Year coming, the California Dept. of Motor Vehicle has announced that the motorist will be presented with new laws. Here are some of the new laws that are going to be implemented in January 2013.

The first new law is AB-2020 that eradicates the chemical test of urine of the alleged person who was found guilty of driving while drunk. The law states that this specific method for determining drug impairment will be deleted. The next law is to establish new license plate for the vehicle that will protect them from car dealers, purchase transactions, and establish standards of safety for the autonomous vehicles & impose new fee rate on owners of the vessel.  Following is the listing of the motor vehicles and the laws related to drivers that take into effect from January 1, 2013.

Driving Under Influence: The driver suspected to be driving under influence of drug or alcohol, will no longer be required to chemically test their urine in order to determine the drug content. AB-2020 will help in law enforcement & prosecutors to identify & convict the persons who are driving under drug influence. The first priority will be to take a blood test, if that is unavailable then the urine test is taken on his/ her consent.

California Legacy License Plates: Effective from January 1, 2013, the Los Angeles DMV now accepts the application for a series of three license plates that replicate the plates from California’s past.  The motorists are now able to decide from minimum of three styles including black lettering with a yellow background, yellow lettering with black background, and yellow lettering with blue background. This will make a standardized style for the number plates registered and purchased from California states.

“Buy-Here-Pay-Here” Car Dealers: This law is directed to the dealers of new car. They offer conditional sales that are below 90 % and contracts on lease with the third party. Direct financing is provided to car buyers. This law defines such dealers as “Buy Here Pay Here” dealers. All the processing needed for car financing is function by such dealers.

In addition, AB-1447 prohibits the dealers from entailing the buyers for the self-payments, except for the case of down payment. It also limits the tracking of vehicle through electronic tracking technology (GPS). In addition, “buy-here-pay here” used auto dealers are prerequisite to provide warranty of 1000 miles or 30-day as part of purchase.

The next law AB 1534 requires card dealers to prominently label the cars that are intended to be sold or retailed and should display the market value of vehicle so that customers do not need to ask for it. The label must have the basic information about the vehicle like price guideline, date the price was assigned, market value of vehicle etc. The purchaser must be given the copy of document through which they have determined the value and other prospects. This can assist the customer in knowing the details without engaging in any argument. The purchaser can then verify the price and market value with the help of document, and compare them with other dealers too.

Traffic Violator School: AB 1888 offers classes to commercial driver in Los Angeles so that they can learn how to drive non-commercial vehicles and avoid any traffic violation. The classes are taken at the specific schools called traffic violator school. The violation would not count, as it will be presumed to be negligible unless it is considered serious conviction. The record is not kept confidential, and is disclosed to the employer and the LA auto insurance company so that company can help him overcoming the faulty area. This can help in improving the rates and driving style.

Veteran License Plates: This law is concerned with the incremented fees of insurance, renewal, and personalization of any license plate related to an organization or department. This can provide advantage to County Veterans Fund of Service Officers. These funds can be further used by the local agencies to facilitate the veterans and their families and assist the military services. This law also clarifies the availability of plates for veterans and non-veteran organization. They can ask for any type of license plate from DMV to avoid conflicts among different parties. Additionally, according to the law, DMV Los Angeles is responsible for issuing the available plates and notifies the customer about the license plate they have asked for.

Autonomous Vehicles: This law is related to the testing of autonomous cars. It is originated by designers and technology manufacturer to meet certain requirement. Before making the public use these vehicles, manufacturers have to submit the application to California State DMV, and certify insurance for the vehicle. The insurance is concerned with the safety and testing of autonomous vehicle.

Registration Fees of Vessel: The increase in the fees of vessel registration is still under consideration by Dept. of Boat and water vehicle. The fees for implementation & administration of these vehicles are collected by DMV. DMV monitors inspect and prevent programs pertaining to the vehicles registration. These include all the motor, water, and autonomous vehicles. The fee is not greater than ten exceed, and is not applied on vehicles operated exclusively in water.

The laws made by DMV of California State are set to avoid mishaps for the drivers’ functioning within the state. The companies of auto insurance in Los Angeles and in the entire California follow these laws while deciding their policies. One can surf online through these policies for choosing the best suitable policy. If you want to compare the quotes from the insurance companies, enter the ZIP in the above bar on the webpage and compare the different quotes.