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The Consequences For Motorists Without Car Insurance in Los Angeles

LosAngelesCheapCarInsuranceQuotesMost of us know what kind of coverage we need, namely, collision, property damage, and bodily damage, comprehensive etc. What about those who buy a new car and believe they can drive without car insurance, are they aware of these? Well, if they think they are going to wander without car insurance in Los Angeles, then they should know what they might have to go through if they are found without insurance.

Not carrying proof of vehicle insurance in LA, in other terms, financial responsibility is an offence punishable under the California Vehicle Code 16029. You might have to pay a fine of up to $500*, your driver’s permit may be suspended and your vehicle may be impounded. The cost of storage and towing your vehicle away, while it was being impounded comes up entirely on you. Moreover, if you are involved in an accident, the consequences could be graver than you can imagine.

There are different ranges of fines that are prevalent for different offences depending on their nature. These are not small amount of fines and it is advised to bear these in mind to prevent such occurrences to happen again.

Furthermore, the vehicle may be intercepted and may not be released unless the person provides an affidavit that allows them to repossess their car. If one belongs to credit unions of the state or banks or is a motorcar dealer, provided the aforementioned institutions be authorized to operate in the state. In addition, if you are willing to pay for the towing and safekeeping of your vehicle, you are allowed to take away your vehicle.  However, if the car belongs to a rental car agency, then the person driving it cannot take it away. Only the legal owner of the vehicle can do so upon agreeing to take full liability of towing and safekeeping of his vehicle and then he can ask for the charges from the registered owner of the vehicle. Even if the rental agency is not the legal owner, as long as it is the registered owner, it can take the vehicle away after paying the requisite sum. So, make sure you take a copy of the insurance policy when you are renting a car.

Additionally, if you manage to produce some document of financial responsibility, you can take your vehicle back, as per section 16020 of the California Vehicle Code. The money collected through this process is used by the DMV to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road and not for other purposes. This is done through offering cheap LA auto insurance to low income earners etc.

Therefore, you may choose not to buy insurance, but you must have some document of financial responsibility. A document of self- insurance from the DMV or some financial statements can help in qualifying your own financial responsibility and get you off the hook as trouble is concerned!

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