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Get Your Driving Privileges Back With Los Angeles DMV SR-22

IndianapolisCarInsuranceDUI or DWI cases are offenses that can tarnish one’s driving record and cause a permanent damage. It can raise your insurance premium by almost double the amount you already pay or your car insurance policy may be cancelled. Once your car insurance is cancelled, it would be very difficult for you to get a new policy and if you do not have insurance, your driver’s license that was intercepted will not be re issued to you. This problem can be avoided only through the SR-22 form that you have to submit to the Los Angeles DMV. The SR-22 form is a tool commonly referred to as proof of insurance.

Most auto insurance companies unfortunately do not offer this kind of insurance. Therefore, you specifically need to take time searching for LA car insurance companies offering such option. In case you do not know where to look for these vehicle insurance companies, you can contact a Los Angeles car insurance broker or a licensed car insurance broker who offer SR-22 insurance. You can get a complete listing of these brokers on the website of the NAIC, or you could also call them.

Once you get the insurance policy, you have to obtain the certificate of SR-22. The insurance policy is generally enough to cover the minimum liability coverage prescribed by the state of California. This certificate is what you have to submit to Los Angeles DMV in order to get your license back. When you get the insurance from the company that offers SR22 insurance, you need to carry it around with you for 3 years at least, from the date of re issue of your permission to drive.

Moreover, even if you get one driving violation ticket, your SR 22 insurance policy shall be cancelled and you will have to start all over again. The rules for maintaining this SR-22 is very strict. You have to carry the insurance papers with you at all times, and make the payments for on time. You should not miss paying your premium by even a day. It is best you do not drive your car around much and use a designated driver for driving around.

In addition, you cannot change the carrier or insurance company of your SR-22 insurance without prior notification. People who have failed to provide child support or have had too many parking or speeding tickets, whose driving privileges have been taken away, also need to submit a SR-22. Once your period of carrying an SR-22 form is over, your insurance company will automatically send intimation to the California DMV in the form of an SR 26. Therefore, you need not do anything additional in order to get it cancelled.

To know more about car insurance in Los Angeles and the kinds of policies that you can obtain, enter your state’s ZIP code and through a few simple steps, you will be able to know the policies of the car insurance providers, who offer SR-22.