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Vehicle Registration Queries for Auto Insurance in Los Angeles

Auto insurance in Los Angeles has a wide range of aspects. One cannot cover all of them without thorough information. Below are some of the queries about the registration forms & insurance programs, which could help in understanding the know-how of different clauses of auto insurances.

Q. What are the payment forms for submission of a reinstatement fee?

A. The Vehicle Registration Suspensions & Insurance Program page have the options defines as to how the payment can be made.  The options include payment through e-check, Credit/ATM/Debit including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Cash is not accepted when sent through mail.

Q. What would be the consequences with my insurance if I receive a suspension notice?

A. Check for any possibility of error. The error can be in vehicle identification number, insurance number or registration card number. Compare each one with number of vehicle. If there would be an error, take any one of succeeding actions:

• You should contact the auto insurance company in order to correct the information and to resubmit it to California DMV in case insurance document do not match the vehicle.

• If in case the registration doesn’t match your vehicle, take the ownership document and vehicle to the DMV of California so that the employee of DMV can verify identification number of the vehicle and make correction to the records. Before visiting the DMV employer, you should take an appointment.

To avoid a suspension, respond to notice immediately. The lack of response from your side will make DMV to take serious actions, and this can result in real suspension of license.

Q. When I switch my insurance company, should I have to send the notice for policy cancellation?

A. If information of new insurance is being received by the DMV California within the forty-five days of cancellation of first policy then notice will not be sent.

Q. What would be the consequences if I would not pay the fee of reinstatement but acquired registration?

A. No. Both reinstatement fee & insurance proof must be submitted to Program of Financial Responsibility to reinstate the registration.

Q. Will it affect the renewal process of registration?

A. Yes. The suspended registration cannot be renewed until the suspension would be cleared.  Payment of renewal should be paid before the expiration date mentioned, this can help in avoiding any penalties. The sticker & registration would not be concerned until the fee of reinstatement and the insurance proof are submitted to the Program of Reg. Financial Responsibility of Vehicle.

Q. What should be done in case I am notified on motor vehicle, which is being covered under the commercial policy?

A. The personal vehicles that are covered by the commercial policy could not be identified as the commercially insured one. If in case you receive the notice, you might send the photocopy of the insurance card and the policy declaration page to the program of financial responsibility.

Q. What is the time period in which I would have to respond when my registration is being suspended?

A. You have thirty days limit for the new vehicles & forty-five days from date of notice for cancelled policy. The DMV California must receive proof of financial responsibilities following the suspension date that is printed on notice.

Q. Do I have to give my vehicle’s license plate if the auto registration in Los Angeles is being suspended?

A. No. However, if your vehicle is parked on roadway while the suspension of the registration you will be subject to citation.

Q. If there exist lapse in the coverage & have it before date of suspension, will it be suspended?

A. No. If financial responsibility proof is being received by the DMV California prior to date of suspension, the suspension will not effect. If your registration of vehicle is suspended, and you have proof that your vehicle was insured prior to the effective suspension date, you might request the dismissal of action by mailing the proof of liability insurance to the DMV.

Q. What would be the consequences if I move from town and unable to receive notice?

A. The registration of vehicle will become suspended if one does not respond to notice. The condition will not change even if you have not received it yet. If the vehicle registration is being suspended, and you have proof that your vehicle was insured prior to the effective suspension date, you might request the dismissal of action by mailing the liability proof. It is advised to send the notification for the change of address to DMV within 10 days of shifting.

Q. What would happen if I do not respond to suspension notice?

A. The vehicle registration will be suspended until evidence of the financial responsibility and the reinstatement fee are submitted. The owner of the vehicle will be cited if a car is seen parked in the streets of California, which the registration is suspended.

Q. Is it possible to take the provisional operating permit when there is suspension of registration?

A. No. The motor vehicle cannot be operated legally until the reinstating of the registration. In other case, the driver will be convicted.

Q. If the registration is suspended, can one take the driving test?

A. No. The vehicle cannot legally operate until the reinstating of the registration. You can ask for temporary restricted license.

Above are certain queries for the consumers of auto insurance in Los Angeles. Different insurance companies are intending to follow the rules that are set by the department of motor vehicles of the State, to avoid penalties and function shut down. In order to get the best package, you have to surf online quotes from different companies to get the idea of what each is offering you. If you want to do the comparison now, enter your ZIP in the above bar and look out for the best suitable quote.