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Things to Consider When You Purchase or Renew Los Angeles Car Insurance Policy

Car Insurance is mandatory in almost every state in US except for Virginia. As for Los Angeles, vehicle insurance is needed here since the rate of accidents is very high together with the repair costs of the car and medical bills for those injured in the accident. It is advised that you have car insurance at all times with you.

However, your car insurance policy validity does not last for a lifetime. You will need to renew insurance policy from time to time. Generally, validity dates of car insurance last for one year. Once it expires, you will have to renew it or leave it terminated.

When you buy your policy, you will be given a proof of insurance card. It is where the date of activation and its lapse are specified. Your policy remains active as long as you pay on time which is usually made on a monthly or biweekly basis. To avoid cancellation of the insurance, extensions are also available options if ever you are unable to pay your insurance on its due date. If you feel you will not be driving a car for a long time, you can take an insurance policy valid for 30 days only. Just be sure to notify your insurance company if you will be moving with your car or selling it.

For renewal, make sure you contact your car insurance company before the due date first for them to process it. If you have been a good driver without a traffic violation tickets, you can get special discounts on your premium. Taking driving courses recognised by the state DMV and the insurance company is helpful to get you a safe driver discount as well. Avoid being involved in accidents that will cause you to file claims since you might have to pay higher for your premium.

These are the facts that must be considered before renewing your car insurance policy. Enter your ZIP code to know more about different car insurance in Los Angeles that will suit your driving profile.

3 Easy Steps on Claiming Car Insurance in Los Angeles

Most people buy car insurance in Los Angeles in order to have a backup support in case of emergency. However, not everyone is aware of the claim process. It is important to be aware of how to claim your car insurance policy even before you apply for car insurance. Many companies offer cheap car insurance, but have complicated procedures before you could claim your money. There are different claiming processes depending on the car insurance policy you applied.

There is a separate procedure to claim LA car insurance in case of theft, or in case of claiming for repairs when your car has been involved in an accident. Although many companies say that filing an insurance claim is an easy process, it could honestly take time. The car insurance companies make sure that all the submitted documents are legally verified.

The requirements for various kinds of car insurance claims differ. However, there are the common documents asked when filing car insurance claim.

•             Policy Copy

•             Copy of Vehicle Registration

•             Claim form duly signed by the insured

•             Copy of Driving License

If you want to file an auto insurance claim in Los Angeles, you can visit the company’s website or in their office to ask for claims form. There are different forms for different cases, such accidental claim form, theft case form and more.

For claiming in case of accidents, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, you need to submit the following:

•             Original invoice of the cost of repairs or its receipt

•             The copy of the police report filed in case of accident

•             The original estimate given to you as the cost of repair

In case of theft, you need to submit the following:

•             Copy of vehicle registration, along with the original keys of the vehicle

•             The copy of the police report filed.

•             Original certificate from the police, for non- traceability of your vehicle

•             Indemnity bonds

•             DMV transfer papers that have been signed

For damage caused to another party, you have to submit, along with the aforementioned documents, the first information report filed.

Most companies require these to be submitted, along with the claims form. Once this has been submitted, the company does a thorough verification of the documents submitted. As soon as the verification is done, your claims may or may not be granted. This process takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on the claims form submitted and the purpose of claiming the insurance. When your claims are granted, you need to go to the company’s office to collect your compensation cheque. Alternatively, the cheque may be mailed to your address or the money may be directly transferred to your bank account.

It is advisable, that before you decide to buy your LA car insurance plan, you should carefully look into the claims section of the policy. In case you find the process complicated or confusing, either clarify it with the car insurance company or abstain from buying it.