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Steps to Retrieve your Spouse’s License Back from Los Angeles DMV

Having to deal with a DWI case is not an easy thing. You have to deal with not only the pressures of your name being cleared, but also re-issuing your license and installation of your driver’s policy with increased premiums. The problem becomes more acute in the case of married couples. Los Angeles DMV, like some other DMVs of the country, requires car insurance for married couples. However, what happens, when only one of them commits a DWI accident?

If this situation arises, do not panic! Call up your auto insurance company or agent and let them know of the offence. It is best you let them know before they are notified by the police or the DMV California, because you would get some additional time to consult with your broker or agent. You should also ask for a review of your policy. Depending on the state you live in, you could try excluding the name of your spouse from your existing policy. This would be the smart thing to do, because in a couple’s record, if one of them is registered to have a DWI offence, then the insurance premium can be raised largely. Therefore, you need to find out whether your company allows this exclusion of the offending spouse’s name from the policy.

If your policy does not allow exclusions, then unfortunately, you have to pay the raised premium. Moreover, once you decide to remove your spouse’s name from the policy, you should make sure he or she does not drive the car that is listed on the policy, or else you will not get any coverage for it. Once the case closes, approach a separate company to issue you an SR-22 or proof of insurance. This will get your spouse his or her license back and a new car insurance policy to drive with.

You should get a separate policy for the offending spouse, because that will not affect your existing policy in any way and your premium and coverage will both remain intact. Also, suggest that your spouse uses public transport as much as possible until the DWI is cleared from recent history.

Your spouse’s, a DWI offence, current car insurance policy in LA might ask for a higher premium. Yet it is the smarter choice to make. In the future, you are stuck with such a case; you would not face much problem in getting the required coverage for yourself. The issuance of the SR-22 form requires payment separate from the amount you are paying for your policy. The time taken to reinstate your license is around 2-3 weeks.

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