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Credit Card Networks for Rental Car Insurance

Some feel it is better to drive rental cars to avoid spending for car insurance since most rental companies offer waivers for damage up to $25 in a day. However, driving a rental car may not seem as lucrative as having your own car. There is liability coverage to have in order to drive on the streets. For this, you will have to get in touch with a company that offers car insurance in Los Angeles in order to pay for the damages.

Usually, most rental cars need to be insured as per the minimum liability. Even getting the basic coverage could not be enough in case a major accident takes place. With just the medical bills alone, one can experience a run for his money. For rental cars, its company will cover for the bills until you can pay it back as per the vehicle code of California. To avoid complications, you can own a credit card network that offers rental car insurance.

All the four major credit card networks offer rental car insurance. With some networks, the lowest of plans are provided to the customers. In some, you can be a card holder of a higher order. Usually, the rental car should be worth less than $50,000 for the insurance clause to apply. Most of these companies expect you to file your claims within 60 to 90 days. All drivers authorized to drive a vehicle are covered by this credit card.

Unfortunately, these credit card networks do not provide coverage for injury, car repairs, and property damage in the area and to another vehicle and its taxes.  They also exclude coverage for SUVs with passenger seats more than 8. Renting the car for 15 up to 31 days consecutively is required to be eligible for credit card coverage. On the bright side, this coverage is valid abroad as well.

In case you do not want this arrangement with your credit card company, you have to get a certificate of insurance from your rental car company. This will be helpful in case you get inquired by an officer that requires you to show proof of insurance.

It is indeed important to have financial responsibility even you are only driving a rented car. Enter your ZIP code in the space provided on the website in order to obtain your quotes for car insurance in Los Angeles.