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Great Deals of Auto Insurance in Los Angeles for Minimum Wage Earners

In order to attract the many of the holiday spenders in California, the companies of auto insurance in Los Angeles here designed special discounted programs for them. In addition, for low earners there exist unique and cheap insurances with discounts attached to facilitate the consumers.

During holidays, there is a possibility that a great number of people comes for spending the holidays in Los Angeles. During this time, it is believed that there are millions of uninsured drivers statewide. According to the officials, the number can even increase. This can be a bad deal for other residents who have car insurance and are holding some insurance policy. Although most of the insurer provides liability coverage, that involves uninsured drivers but there are chances that during such time, the driver might hit and run from the accident scene. This can be an out of luck scenario and mostly insured drivers fear such situations.

The officials cannot say about the uninsured drivers operating during such time. However, according to a report published in 2008 by Insurance Research Council it was estimated that 18% of consumers in California lack coverage that is they are uninsured. In the report, it was declared that the decrease in the number of uninsured drivers is due to the rise in an unemployment rate. In 2008, the rate was 8% and now it has doubled and twice more than before.

The Los Angeles Low Cost Auto Insurance program, which has been available countywide, is intended for people making no more than $55,125 annually for a family of four. To qualify for this program, the applicant must be at least 19 years old with at least three years of consecutive driving experience, have car worth not more than $20,000 and must have fairly clean driving record i.e. he should be involved in not more than one on-fault accident.

The coverage offered by the particular program is being provided by the private sector insurer that is not subsidized by taxpayers. Basic policies under the program include coverage for $10,000 in bodily injury per person, $20,000 per accident and 3,000 $in property damage. This program helps the applicant or the residents, who have not renewed or purchased an insurance policy due to financial crisis, in getting Los Angeles cheap car insurance for comparatively less rates and more benefits. The consumers in Los Angeles are less likely to bother about the car insurance, for them different private sector companies have introduced programs that can motivate them in purchasing the insurance for their vehicle and avoid operating uninsured vehicle. This can risk not only their lives and property, but also prove to be a major risk for people who are insured.

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Requirements of Being Qualified for California Low-Cost Automobile Insurance

CheapCarInsuranceInIndianapolisThe State of California has insurance plans implemented in its counties including Los Angeles. For the purpose of providing California cheap car insurance to low income earners, the state legislators have created an insurance program that targets them. This program is called California Low-Cost Automobile Insurance. It was launched in 2000 in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This began functioning statewide in December 2007. In 2011, approximately 10,500 of California’s almost 24 million people have been insured through the state program insurance.

The objective of this program is to make insurance companies offer insurance on reduced rates. The policy for the liability insurance of motor vehicles costs below $290 in San Francisco and $350 in Los Angeles per anum. For those who have good driving records are given more advantages. This helps them save almost $50,000 annually. The law of California requires that the drivers must carry the minimum of $15,000 per person for the liability coverage of bodily injury, per incident $30,000 and $5,000 for the property damage. To lower the policy price, the legislators allowed carrying the lower standard limits of $10,000, $20,000 and $3,000, respectively. This helps the drivers in getting insurance for lesser rates and greater benefits. Additional requirements for the policy include:

•             The driver must be 19 years old with three year driving experience. The driving experience should be of regular and not just for pleasure.

•             The insured car must not be more than $20,000 worth. Expensive cars are insured with higher rates.

•             The applicant must not have more than one property damage in the three years of experience. Traffic violations and on fault damages are associated with the policy coverage. If the applicant is involved in more than one accident, it is anticipated that he is not a good driver and may get involved in future accidents as well.

•             The insured must not be a college student claiming for dependent on state/ income tax purposes. By this, offering him an insurance policy in LA is not an appropriate action.

•             Another vehicle cannot be insured forcibly with the current one. For insuring another vehicle a new policy has to be purchased in order to get beneficial rates.

•             Ages from 19 to 24 are linked with the highest driving risk. People under this age group are surcharged with some extra amount in order to make them eligible for the insurance.

Consultation and information gathering from the insurance company can help in finding the best policy for every individual according to their needs.

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Low Cost Auto Insurance in Los Angeles, California

Special discount packages are built in the auto insurance in Los Angeles for low earner drivers. Special programs are also being established by the state legislators for those who are unable to pay big costs. One distinctive program of ‘low cost auto insurance’ is being organized by Californian State followed by all the residing counties including Los Angeles. All information about the program is present online. Its website defines the outlines and eligibility for this program. The family having annual income less than $64,475 can apply for this program. Residents may qualify for the program based on some factors. The basic liability policy offered by the program includes the following limits:

•             Per Person Bodily Injury liability- $10,000

•             Per Accident Bodily Injury liability -$20,000

•             Per Accident Property Damage liability – $3,000

Motorists can also take part in this program. They can add optional coverage for the medical expense and uninsured motorist coverage through additional charges. The applicant is presented with a questionnaire that can help the company evaluate whether the he is qualified. Once the applicant qualifies for the program, he is given a telephone number of the local agents who would further help him with having low price insurance in LA. No hidden costs or fees are allowed. This is prohibited by the law of California State to which the producers are prohibited from charging any fees when submitting applications. This means no “broker fees”, no “paper work fees”, or no “motor vehicle report fees” can be charged.  The broker, agent or the company cannot take additional charges or fees from the applicant as per this rule.

In addition, the low cost insurance policy does not provide the coverage for Physical Damage (Comprehensive & Collision). Coverage can be purchased separately from the insurer. The low price insurance program does not have all the benefits that an ordinary insurance would have. The collision and comprehensive coverage is also not offered. In case of accident or any damage to the vehicle, the company could not recompense. This is one of the major drawbacks of this program. The holders of this program will be at risk from any accident and damages.

Despite the fact that this program is offered through the state, the program is not liberally ideal. Auto insurance in LA is mandatory and the state issue taxes and other payments to be paid by the residents. In this time of recession and social downfall, every penny counts. Taking advantage from such program can be helpful in some manners but not every aspect is covered with it.

Though the above program is especially designed for those who can’t afford a standard insurance policy, still it needs mandatory improvements for them to enjoy umbrella coverage under one head. Another way of low cost auto insurance in Los Angeles is finding available discounts from different coverage from various insurance companies. To start comparing quotes, enter your ZIP in the above bar found on this website.

Requirements for Los Angeles Cheap Car Insurance or CLCA

According to the Heal and Human Services department in California, in 2010 it has been classified that a person earning below $10,000 and families of four earning slightly above $22,000 are considered to be in the low income category. Generally, earning of low income families earning should be less than 80% of the median of the data set of income of the state. But this should not hinder the low income earners to own cars and get them insured. Good thing, the California Low Cost Automobile or CLCA program is there to aid them have LA car insurance for cheap rates. This Los Angeles Cheap Car Insurance programme aims to lower your insurance cost up to $400 a year.

There are a number of clauses that you must fulfill in order to avail this kind of car insurance.

•             The person or family applying for this insurance must not own a car worth more than $20,000.

•             Student applicants shouldn’t be dependent on their parents or anyone else who files a state or federal income tax return.

•             The policyholder should not hold any other policy of automobile liability. He or any other members of the family are not allowed to maintain any other auto insurance policy.

•             The applicant must be a good driver having not more than one moving violation or property damage where he is the one at fault.

•             Felonies or misdemeanor on his vehicle record are not allowed to be qualified for this insurance since it is a violation of vehicle code.

•             No person is allowed to have more than 2 policies under CLCA.

•             You need to be at least 19 years of age and a driving experience for 3 years.

•             If you are a of driving license holder of a foreign country, you need to have driven for not less than 18 months with the  license to drive in Canada or the United States during the given period.

•             For unmarried male drivers between 19 and 24 years old, your premium will be assessed with a 25% surcharge on it.

It is indeed important to own insurance as per the California’s compulsory financial liability law. It is also important that the purchased policy can provide the minimum liability coverage, which is 15/30/5, for injury to single or multiple persons during accident or for the property damage.

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An Overview of California Low Cost Automobile or Low Income Earners

We all know that maintaining car insurance in a city like Los Angeles is more expensive than the other cities in United States. Since it is hard not to own your own car, the CLCA policy was implemented help getting Los Angeles cheap car insurance.

The California Low Cost Automobile or CLCA insurance program has been set up to provide cheap car insurance in LA for individuals who cannot cross $30,000 in their overall earnings. This limit varies according to the size of the family. A family for four people can qualify for CLCA if they have less than $58,000 as their annual income. This low cost insurance program provides coverage for the primary driver and its secondary driver. But for this, it is necessary to have clean driving records.

This policy does not provide coverage against physical damage of your vehicle such as comprehensive or collision damage. It only provides basic liability coverage namely $10,000 for bodily damage to one person in an accident, $20,000 for all the people injured in the accident, and $3,000 for property damage. The premium for this is around $400*.

The payment method is also slightly different. You can choose to pay $125 upfront and pay the rest of the cost in installments within 30 days. You could also choose to pay $125 or $100 and pay the rest in 6 or 5 bi- monthly installments respectively. Paying for the 15% of the cost as deposit and the remaining amount in 6 bi-monthly payments is also being offered. However, apart from the first alternative, whatever other option you choose there has to be a method of paying $4.00 as fees for each installment.

Along with the basic terms of liability coverage, you can also buy additional ones. If there are accidents, a payment of up to $1,000 is paid per person for medical expenses. For an uninsured motorist’s physical harm, one can buy coverage for $10,000 per accident and $20,000 for multiple uninsured motorists.

However, completing the requirements to get low cost is meant for those who cannot afford insurance at standard rates. Valid documents are also needed to prove eligibility. Contact insurance brokers or customer care executives to know more about insurance policies. Feel free to enter your ZIP code in the space provided on our website to know of you are qualified for Los Angeles Cheap Car Insurance.


A Guide to Being Qualified for CLCA Auto Insurance in Los Angeles

In a city like Los Angeles, where the public transport is not as developed as the one in New York, it is easy to understand the need for a car. But with the rise in prices of gasoline and other maintenance costs for cars, it becomes difficult to keep even one. People who are living on a tight budget or students with huge student loans are mostly the one opting for cheap auto insurance in Los Angeles. For this, many insurance companies are on the work to guarantee lower car insurance premiums in California.

Since physical damage coverage such as the collision and comprehensive coverage are not available to cover for the car damages during accidents or natural calamities, you are still allowed to add some additional coverage to this plan.

The insurance premium payment is quite simple. There are a number of plans that one can opt for this kind of payment. Ensure the down payment and the rest is to be paid within 30 days of issue. It could only take 15% of the annual payment with the rest to be paid in 6 bi-monthly installments. Unlike the first option, one has to pay a requisite fee for other kind of payment methods.

Even though this offer sounds lucrative, not everyone can avail it. There are certain criteria for this. He should be at least of 19 years of age, and a resident of California with 3 years driving experience. If he has the foreign country’s driving license, at least 18 months of driving experience in the roads of California is needed.

To be qualified for the low income category, the vehicle owned must not be very expensive. For students, he should not be dependent on the tax returns of another person. A driver owning a CLCA policy also cannot own a non CLCA policy. It is allowed to own only 2 policies at a time. Unmarried men between 19 to 24 years old must pay a surcharge of 25% on the insurance premium. This is because they are considered to be the high risk group of reckless drivers by most insurance companies. It is important for them to have an unstained driving record.

A driver can only be convicted one over speeding offense or damage to property offense. It would also be helpful not to commit unlawful traffic behavior and be booked under misdemeanor of the California Vehicle Code. To be qualified for the CLCA, you have to be able to produce the following: a valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration number (commonly known as Vehicle Identification Number or VIN), and the initial required deposit for the process. Furthermore, you have to provide a valid proof of low income. It could be a pension letter or Social Security Letter, 1099 form, and employer verification letter stating the period of employment. These requirements will help you to be in the low income category.

It is also essential to either present payroll stubs, W-2 form, a medical card and the state tax returns of the previous financial year. You also have to contact an insurance broker that can make the necessary arrangements for you. Usually done in less than a month, it does not require a long period of time to process insurance. Better to have one than to have none to help you in times you will need it.

Failure to carry insurance while driving could lead to severe fines and impoundment of the vehicle. Browse through the website to know more about the CLCA program. Enter your ZIP code to find out if you are qualified in the low income category and if you are eligible for inexpensive LA insurance.