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An Overview of California Low Cost Automobile or Low Income Earners

We all know that maintaining car insurance in a city like Los Angeles is more expensive than the other cities in United States. Since it is hard not to own your own car, the CLCA policy was implemented help getting Los Angeles cheap car insurance.

The California Low Cost Automobile or CLCA insurance program has been set up to provide cheap car insurance in LA for individuals who cannot cross $30,000 in their overall earnings. This limit varies according to the size of the family. A family for four people can qualify for CLCA if they have less than $58,000 as their annual income. This low cost insurance program provides coverage for the primary driver and its secondary driver. But for this, it is necessary to have clean driving records.

This policy does not provide coverage against physical damage of your vehicle such as comprehensive or collision damage. It only provides basic liability coverage namely $10,000 for bodily damage to one person in an accident, $20,000 for all the people injured in the accident, and $3,000 for property damage. The premium for this is around $400*.

The payment method is also slightly different. You can choose to pay $125 upfront and pay the rest of the cost in installments within 30 days. You could also choose to pay $125 or $100 and pay the rest in 6 or 5 bi- monthly installments respectively. Paying for the 15% of the cost as deposit and the remaining amount in 6 bi-monthly payments is also being offered. However, apart from the first alternative, whatever other option you choose there has to be a method of paying $4.00 as fees for each installment.

Along with the basic terms of liability coverage, you can also buy additional ones. If there are accidents, a payment of up to $1,000 is paid per person for medical expenses. For an uninsured motorist’s physical harm, one can buy coverage for $10,000 per accident and $20,000 for multiple uninsured motorists.

However, completing the requirements to get low cost is meant for those who cannot afford insurance at standard rates. Valid documents are also needed to prove eligibility. Contact insurance brokers or customer care executives to know more about insurance policies. Feel free to enter your ZIP code in the space provided on our website to know of you are qualified for Los Angeles Cheap Car Insurance.