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8 Wise Tricks to Lower Insurance Premium

Hastily buying car insurance just for the sake of having one is not enough. It is advisable to make a proper research and get different quotes from various insurance companies. Since maintaining auto insurance is essential for owning a vehicle, just one mistake on your driving record can lead to a higher premium cost.

Here are some tricks to lower insurance premium and maintain it wisely.

•             Keeping your car in a safe garage and protect it from theft and other ways of damaging your car such as vandalism. This will considerably lower your car insurance on comprehensive coverage.

•             Don’ drive as often as you do to avail low mileage discount. Make a check that you drive less than 12,000 miles a year.

•             Drive an old car so there is no need for you to have collision coverage. Collision coverage provides you the cost of replacement of the car on its present value. If your old or pre-used car’s present value is low with collision coverage at the same time, you will be paying too much for something you will realize too little.

•             Do not file claims unnecessarily since it generally leads to a raised premium. If you feel your expenses on your car would be around $150 only, then do think about whether it is worth the risk.

•             Insurance companies acknowledge the fact that people turn into safer drivers as they gain experience. Look for discounts applicable for people who have been driving for a long time. There are even special discounts for ages 55 to 70.

•             Owning a modest car could work to your advantage. Swanky cars are a higher risk on the road as they are liable to commit accidents on highways or with the car being stolen. Be prepared to handle the insurance as per your car’s profile.

•             Car insurance in busy cities like Los Angeles or Chicago is expensive as renting a garage. Moving to the suburbs can lower your car insurance to a good amount.

•             In case you have problems in paying your car insurance on time, ask for an extension. Most companies are happily obliged to this request.

Apart from these known tricks to lower your car insurance, you can go the conventional way. Have a high deductible, shop around for different car insurance quotes, complete driving lessons and more strategies can be implemented. All these would help you to lower your car insurance up to $450. Don’t forget to enter your ZIP code to get your auto insurance quotes in Los Angeles.