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6 Commonly Asked Questions About Vehicle Repair With Car Insurance in Los Angeles

Most websites talk about coverage and cheaper quotes, but few discuss about the questions that may come to your mind after buying your car insurance in Los Angeles, especially if you need to claim your insurance or pay for repairs using your policy. Below are some of the questions that have been answered for such users.

What is a GRS?

A GRS is an abbreviation for Guaranteed Repair Shop. It is a term called to a shop with which your insurance company has a tie-up with, for giving you your estimates on fixing your car when you go to claim insurance in LA for your vehicle’s repair. This shop is called a guaranteed one because it is bound to work on your repair works, as long as you are a client of the concerned insurance company.

If your car’s repair costs turn out to be more than what has been estimated, what does your insurance company do?

If the repair shop finds out that there is more damage than what was originally estimated and additional expenses are needed, then they contact the insurance company’s auto damage adjuster. The adjuster goes to the repair shop and inspects at the additional damage. If he or she is convinced by what he or she sees and agrees to pay for those costs from the policy, then the insurance company will issue some more payment for the repair of the car.

How long will it take for a vehicle to be repaired?

Your vehicle repair works can be between 3 to 5 working days, depending on the adjuster’s schedule and the location of the vehicle. Sometimes, when the appraiser checks the vehicle, then the payment is released.

Are genuine parts used for repair of your car?

Your car is repaired with original and brand new parts, bought from the manufacturer in case high quality recycled parts are not found. You will have a complete peace of mind, as the parts used in repairing will be as good as the original parts used in your car. The insurance company also ensures that your parts are covered for as long as you have your insurance policy with them.

Do you have to inform the police when you are filing for coverage?

Generally, you do not have to file a police report when you are filing for coverage with your insurance company. However, if you are claiming coverage for damage due to hit and run accidents or for theft of your vehicle, then you will have to file a police report. The police should also be informed in case people were injured in the accident (pedestrians, co-passengers etc.) and liability has to be taken for the damage caused.

How is the value of your car assessed?

Insurance companies usually use a database maintained electronically of cars sold in your area at the time of loss. Los Angeles car repairs using insurance is one of the convenient ways to save money in maintaining the durability of your vehicle without spending a lot.

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